Bogie Axle Tag Trailer

 North Star Bogie Tag
North Star Bogie Tag
North Star Bogie Tag
NorthStar Bogie Axle Tag
Bogie Axle Tag Trailer
North Star Hardox Semi Tipper Bogie Tag
Bogie Axle Tag Trailer
Bogie Axle Tag Trailer
Bogie Axle Tag Trailer
Bogie Axle Tag Trailer
Bogie Axle Tag Trailer
North Star Bogie Tag
Noth Star Bogie Axle Tag
Bogie Axle Tag Trailer
North Star Bogie Axle Tag
North Star Bogie Tag
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Trailer Weight Capacities

All NorthStar Trailers 100% Australian made to the highest quality. We offer a 1 Year Warranty.


Axle Group
15.0 tn
Bartlett BC59X Coupling
3.0 tn
Gross Capacity
18.5 tn
Approximate Tare Weight from
5.0 tn
Carrying Capacity with Bartlett 59AX
13.5 tn


Axle Group
15.0 tn
Pintle Eye Coupling
6.0 tn
Gross Capacity
21.0 tn
Approximate Tare Weight from
5.0 tn
Carrying Capacity with Pintle Eye
16.0 tn

Trailer weight may vary depending on construction

Trailer Dimension

The deck is 7.5 metres in length with a width of 2.5 metres. A 6.0m top deck,with a 1.5 m beavertail. The trailer height with 20” axle is from 1050mm.

Trailer Construction

The main chassis frame has a depth of 400mm (310UB). Cross members are made of 100 x 50 x 4mm RHS and the combing rail is constructed of 125 x 65 channel.

Tie down points are positioned in the floor along each side of the trailer to allow tensioning of loads with chains. A 65mm roll bar is fitted at the front of the trailer. A rope rail is fitted to the trailer underneath of the combing rail..

Trailer Ramps

Construction of rear ramps are 2.500 x 750m wide, 150 x 50 x 4mm RHS, with 5mm checker plate and grip bars. Expanded mesh can also be fitted if required.

The hinge pins are made of 40mm high tensile steel with greasable bushes to save on excess wear and tear. Hydraulics are fitted as standard, which has a self sufficient power pack located in the well, at the rear of the trailer. The truck (12 or 24 volt) charges the power pack. The rams are heavy duty, 18" x 2 ½ " in size, mounted on the rear of the ramps. Front ramps are also avaible as an extra, to support front loading trailers.

Ramps Gates

Bogie Axle Tag Trailer front Ramps

Bi Fold ramps and Front ramps are also available as an option. 

Bogie Axle Tag Trailer Bi-fold Ramps

Trailer Floor

The floor is constructed of 5 mm checker plate.

Tag Trailer Floor

Trailer Coupling

A choice of the Bartlett 59 AX  or the DB1385 Pintle eye. 50mm Ringfeder.


20” axles with 10 on 285 PCD are fitted as standard.

17.5” & 19.5” can also be supplied when required.







Trailer Brakes

 ABS Braking Systems are fitted. The trailer shall be to ADR 38-2 standard with 7" linings, full air using an A.B.C. brake system, with 24 / 30 boosters.

Trailer Suspension

Suspension is a FUWA KHITCH under slung style with 9 leaf springs.

Airbag suspension is also an option that can be fitted.

Bogie Trailer Tyres and Rims

255R / 70 22.5” are fitted as standard. 235/70 17.5” & 265/70 19.5” are also available. The trailer is fitted with a spare wheel and tyre as standard. The spare wheel carrier is mounted between the chassis rails for easy access for (1) one only person to remove and replace spare wheel. Clamped up by a winch mechanism for simple use.

Front Leg

A quality K Hitch Two Speed Wind down Leg fitted as standard.

Hydraulic Leg Trailer

Available as an extra is a NorthStar Hydrulic front leg for easy use.

Hydraulic Leg Trailer

Trailer Lights

LED lights are fitted as stardand and mounted as per ADR 62 / 00 requirements with a round 7 pin trailer plug.


The trailer is fitted with an under mounted low profile tool box as standard as well as one in the beavertail. 

60lt aluminum water tank comes fitted as standard.

NorthStar ToolBox

Extra toolboxes or custom made toolboxes can be supplied if required.

Custom Built Toolbox

Mud Flaps and Mudguards

Mudguards are mounted at the front and rear of the wheels with steel stays.

Mud flaps are attached to the rear guards.

Trailer Finishing

Our finishing process eliminates all burrs and sharp edges, as well as sandblasting and coating with two pack paint in your fleet colours.

Other Extras Available

  • Deck widening models
  •  Gates, Gate Pockets
  • Fuel and or Water Tanks
  •  Hydraulic Front Leg
  • Flush Combing
  • Alloy Wheels
  • BPW Axles
  • Air Bag suspension
  • Container pins
  • Reversing lights and Camers
  • Bi fold Ramps

Every trailer comes with 12 months Full Warranty.

North Star Transport Equipment is a company prepared to go the extra mile and has a high reputation of service and quality.

*Please note: Ratings are Federal Ratings, but may differ from state to state. Capacities quoted are to the best of our knowledge and we accept no responsibility for these quoted weights, but if difficulties arise, please notify us with your problems.